Sunday 24 Sep 2017
  • U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader
  • U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Module
  • U.are.U 5160 Fingerprint Reader
  • U.are.U Fingerprint Keyboard
  •   The Ultimate Fingerprint Identity Machine   The U.are.U 4500 Reader is a USB fingerprint reader featuring an elegant, sleek design with a soft, cool blue glow and, of course,…
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  •   Allows developers to physically integrate a fingerprint reader into their custom hardware.                                  …
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  • PIV Certified Fingerprint Sensor, Ideal for Commercial or Civil ID Desktop Applications. The touch-style U.are.U 5160 Fingerprint Reader is a PIV-certified, optical fingerprint sensor designed to serve as a USB…
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  •   All the benefits of fingerprint recognition integrated into a sleek, ergonomic keyboard. The U.are.U Fingerprint Keyboard is a Windows-compatible 104-key keyboard with a built-in U.are.U Fingerprint Reader. It is…
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